2014 Horoscope The Year of the Grand Cardinal Cross


2014 Horoscope The Year of the Grand Cardinal Cross     Since the onset of the Pluto Uranus square in June 2012 the world has been challenged both globally and personally. In the first part of this multi-part article I will lay out the global and national trends and what we can collectively expect from this rare astrological formation. In … Read More

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2014 Grand Cardinal Cross – Angelina Jolie Horoscope

anglelina jolie horoscope

Angelina Jolie Personal Empowerment, Radical Transformation, & the Reward Cycle Angelina Jolie is an excellent example of how these energies can play out. Let’s take a look at Angelina’s life path since 2012 and see what we can expect for her in the coming year as it relates to the Pluto-Uranus square and the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014. The … Read More

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Pete Townshend – “Who I Am”

pete townshend

On Sunday Anthony Mason interviewed Rock and Roll legend Pete Townshend for his new book release titled “Who I Am?”.  Pete talked about some pretty tough issues including his childhood, and arrest in 2003 for suspicion of child pornography.  The astrology is very clear both in his natal horoscope and the solar arc horoscope at the time of his arrest. … Read More

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Charlize Theron

Charlize_Theron Horoscope

  “Charlize in a period of 13 years goes from what was no doubt a soul crushing depressive time to a pinnicle of success, illumination, and fulfillment using the pain, and emotions of violence and death to project a powerful performance and bring it forth to the world.”   Charlize Theron is a fascinating example of someone who’s real life … Read More

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Ellen Degeneres September 9th 2012

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Ellen Degeneres Jan 26th 1958, Sun 3:30 am CST +6:00 Metairie, LA Here is the interview:         “Looking at Ellen’s horoscope we see that most of the action is to the East of the circle suggesting a defensive approach towards life.  And after listening to her interview it is not hard to see why.”       … Read More

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The Cycles of Saturn- Dave Stewart (Eurythmics ) case study

  Dave Stewart (Eurythmics ) case study The First Saturn Cycle – Here Comes The Rain Again This Smash hit was recorded right after the closing of his first Saturn Cycle Second Saturn Cycle – Here Comes The Rain Again Here we are again 30 years later… the song is the same but expressed in a completely different way (great … Read More

adminThe Cycles of Saturn- Dave Stewart (Eurythmics ) case study

Synastry and Transits : A Case Study

If we study our natal horoscopes we can see the interconnectedness of those who we are in relationship with. It is amazing to me when I study the connections of my natal horoscope and my wife and children. But how else could it be? After all a major transit that affects one in a family affects all in the family. … Read More

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Free Will, and Destiny

Do we have free will?, Or are our futures predetermined? It is hard to discuss astrology without giving serious thought about the topic of fate, free will, and destiny. On the one hand the horoscope promises to show us qualities and characteristics about ourselves based on our moment of birth. On the other hand our common daily experience tells us … Read More

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Why Does Astrology “Work”?

What is it that makes astrology such a useful tool for self discovery? Why does astrology allow us to gain insight into our personality, needs, and patterns of behavior? The reason astrology “works” is that is allows us to observe the cycles of nature in motion and apply them to our lives. There is a predictability to the patterns of … Read More

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