2014 Horoscope The Year of the Grand Cardinal Cross


2014 Horoscope The Year of the Grand Cardinal Cross


2014 Horoscope

This rare formation will be exact at 13 degrees in late April


Since the onset of the Pluto Uranus square in June 2012 the world has been challenged both globally and personally. In the first part of this multi-part article I will lay out the global and national trends and what we can collectively expect from this rare astrological formation.

In the second part I will explain the ways that this formation will impact us on a very personal level in our relationships, on our health, and finances.


Secrets, Lies, Control, Freedom

At odds are the forces of the status quo vs. change. The urge for freedom, openness vs. secrecy.

As we reach the peak on April 22nd 2014 we will have a rare Grand Cross formation that will be exactly in the 13 degree for the planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars. All these competing energies will be squaring off and injecting a volatile mix of Power, Freedom, Expansion, and Aggression into equation.

At the center of this will be the USA horoscope that is directly impacted through it’s 12 degree Sun 14 degree Saturn square.


USA Grand Cardinal Cross 2014

USA Grand Cardinal Cross April 2014

April 2014 will punctuate the 2012 -2015 dynamic dance between Pluto and Uranus both in cardinal signs each attempting to impose their will on each other but not getting their way…. something has to give.

First it was Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and Wikileaks that shocked the world with it’s exposure of government and military secrets that the powers that be would rather not see the light of day. 2013 ushered in the next wave of revolution when Edward Snowden brought to light the vast surveillance network and far reaching control of the NSA.


This is a clash between individual freedoms (Uranus) and large centralized power structures (Pluto). The interests of the individual vs. those of the state. Corporate power vs. individual power. The freedom of information act became law in 1966 against the will of President Lyndon Johnson on July 4th 1966. Here is the chart for that event…. notice any patterns?


Freedom Of Information Act

The Freedom Of Information Act

Interestingly, this was created during the last major interaction of Pluto and Uranus when they were at an exact conjunction of 16 degrees. Not only that you will notice that the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is 12 degree’s… the exact same degree in the natal chart for the USA Sun. The “spirit” of this document is once again being stimulated by the Cardinal Grand Cross and will continue to do so through 2016 as Pluto and Uranus square the original FOIA birth chart.




What does 2014 hold in store?

Disruption, Innovation, Revolution

A settling of the score. The question is how and what way. Will it continue to be peaceful and incremental?…. or will there be a sudden surprise shock that triggers a period of intensified turmoil?

The April 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross has the potential to be an intense and explosive time period that could again trigger losses in the financial markets as faith is lost in a week economy that has been on life support for the past 5 years.

What gives this period such explosive potential is the introduction of Mars and Jupiter into the mix. Expansive Jupiter and the energetic Mars bring out the already polarized energies of Pluto and Uranus.

Any of these planets square to each other Pluto-Mars, Uranus-Mars, Uranus-Pluto, Uranus-Jupiter, Pluto-Jupiter pack a powerful punch, put them all together and it is a volatile mix that is full of power, surprise, expansion, and intensity.

This is not going to be an easy time for those who fear change or surprise. It is also the birth of new technologies and efficiencies.

New models of doing business will continue to emerge from this slow transformation that are changing the way the economy functions.  Here are a few :


New platforms for financing a business such as Kickstarter, Indigogo etc. are based on a new way of financing a business. It is a trend “which circumvents traditional avenues of investment” (wikipedia) moving away from centralized lending such as a traditional banks and centralized funding sources to a collective contribution of individuals.

The Sharing Economy

From Zip Car, to Air BnB, Lyft people are eliminating the middleman and providing goods and services on a pier to pier basis. This trend will continue as innovation and new technology (Mars – Uranus contact) demands change.

The key theme at play here is decentralization and a distributed economy that is at odds with the status quo, centralized financing debt based economy.

Crowdfunding, micro-lending, and peer to peer models of business will continue to accelerate both out of necessity and a rejection of outmoded bloated ways of doing business.

Financial Control vs. Innovation

The powers that be do not like anything that threatens their control and their tool of choice is a centralized debt based currency system. The Federal Reserve continues to have a tremendous influence on the economy in general through it’s quantitative easing policies and interest rate manipulation. At odds are new emerging technologies such as Bitcoin and the good old standby by forms of money such as gold and silver as a store of wealth.

We have seen capitol controls implemented in Cyprus where deposit holders savings were effectively confiscated to bail out the obligations of others. India has banned the import of gold and created a huge black market for the yellow metal. China has just recently made it illegal for citizens to invest in Bitcoin.

As long as enough people continue to participate in the centralized financial system the status quo can be maintained; if people move away and opt for alternative options the system as it stands starts to crumble. From a global and national perspective this is the dance that will unfold in 2014.

Prolonged Economic Pain

Every time that the US Sun has been impacted by a Grand Cross it has resulted in a prolonged economic depression (see more here). Will this time be different?

At first glance it may seem improbable. The stock market just finished a record year and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at an all time high of 16576.66. Financial pundits are once again cheering on the recovery and better days ahead. However, if we look at the unprecedented amount of financial stimulus injected into the economy by the Federal Reserve contrasted with record low employment, and mortgage applications at a record low number, it is hard to see where the sustaining force is that will grow the economy at the necessary rate.

As we head in to 2014 the combination of the extended unemployment benefit cut and mandated health insurance premiums (and deductibles) will decrease disposable income for a significant part of the population contributing to an overall drag.

If the country sustains another surprise shock this spring then the political appetite will not be there for another round of bank bailouts, and massive stimulus like we had in the 2008 crisis. Fewer options will be available the next time, and our leaders have even less credibility than they did just 5 years ago when we were told that all the stimulus and bailouts applied were what was needed to return the population to work, and “save” the economy.

We will again see an intense release of energy at the end of 2014 as Pluto-Uranus square off again in early December of 2014. There is an interesting “trigger point” right before the November mid term election when Mars will be approaching a conjunction with Pluto at 12 degrees right on top of the USA Sun squaring the Saturn. It seems the events of 2014 could create much anger in the electorate and stimulate a heavy turnout demanding meaningful change.


2104 Mid term election horoscope

2104 Mid term election horoscope









Coming soon… what to expect individually from the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014. How can we expect it to impact us on a personal level?




admin2014 Horoscope The Year of the Grand Cardinal Cross

65 Comments on “2014 Horoscope The Year of the Grand Cardinal Cross”

  1. Judy Beck

    This Cardinal Grand Cross is in opposition to my natal sun, moon, mars, mercury stelinium in Libra.
    I am trying to ready myself for BIG Changes to come.

    1. admin

      Hi Judy,

      Yes it sounds as if you are in for BIG changes. So look to the houses ruled by Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury for clues about the areas of your life that will be affected. Perhaps you are already keyed in?


  2. Liz Barrett

    Hi David,

    I have a cardinal grand cross in my natal chart (March 1, 1950). Does this mean I am more intensely affected by the cardinal grand cross of 2014?


    1. admin

      Hi Liz,

      That depends on what degree and sign the cardinal cross is in. If you have any planets in the middle degrees (10-15) and cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra Capricorn) you will experience the changes.

      Also, any personal planets in those signs and degrees will be affected.

      I am working on a new post with examples…



  3. Jon

    Hi Dave,
    This cross will fall bang on my ascendent/descendent/IC/MC (asc. Libra). Any particular impact there?

    1. admin


      I would expect it to be very significant. What degree is your Libra Asc?


  4. Mom


    My daughter’s rising sign is 18 degrees Libra, 25degress in Cancer and 17 degress in Leo. Will this grand cross affect her harshly

  5. admin

    Hi “Mom”,

    Pluto will not pass through the 17 degree range until early 2016 and then “hangs” there through 2017. Uranus passes through that range late 2015 and then into 2016.
    At that point it will be the square between between Uranus and Pluto that will be prominent in her horoscope Feb/March of 2016.

    You did not give the details about the other planets involved but that time frame is highlighted due to contact with the angles.

    One point about your question…. “Will this grand cross affect her harshly?”. We have a tendency to anticipate the the worst from a powerful transit. This need not be the case.

    It really has to do with the course of our lives. If we are on the wrong track in a certain area than it can be experienced as an upset or a necessary but painful change. However, this can be a turning point where we are propelled into greater power if our we are in harmony with ourselves and others.

    Pluto and Jupiter interactions such as the one in the Grand Cardinal Cross this spring offer opportunities for those who have used their resources wisely. Uranus can offer a sudden breakthrough or reversal of fortune.

    This is where we have to look at the whole horoscope and apply it to the reality of individual.

    All the best,


  6. Lisa

    I have Jupiter in Aires at 9 degrees in my second house and Uranus in Cancer at 13 degrees in my sixth house and Neptune in Libra at 16 degrees. Ascendent is 26 degrees Capricorn. What’s up with that? lol

    1. admin


      How about that? All cardinal signs and for the most part in the middle degrees. So what are the houses that Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune rule in your birth chart?


  7. KC

    Hello D

    As with Jon, this cross (April 2014) will fall bang on my ascendent/descendent/IC/MC, (Libra AC) (Cancer MC)
    Degrees: Libra/Aries AC/DC 10 degree, Cancer/Capricorn MC/IC 11 degree
    Planet: Only moon in Libra, no other planets

    What am I expecting? I will have to look up what the 13 degree means in this cross

  8. admin

    So if I understand your chart the Moon is in Libra and will be affected by the transit as well? Starting with that your “reigning need” to be appreciated will be affected. Depending on the house ruled by the Moon that area of your life this will manifest the changes. Also, modified by aspects to the Moon if any.

    The fact that your AC and MC are involved in the mix means that you will experience this change both in terms of identity and relationships, and a change of status in life. These changes make you either move towards something you perceive will meet your “reigning need”, or away from something that does not fulfill it.

    I can’t really say more without seeing the whole horoscope and how it all fits together. But when the angles of the horoscope (AC and MC) are involved combined with personal planets it is a significant time of growth.

    The big question is are your needs being met? If not then this can be a pivotal time of change for you with all this cardinal energy involved. If they are… then power, opportunity and breakthroughs are possible to take things to next the level.

    Again the whole chart is necessary here to go into any greater depth.



  9. Amy

    Hello, I have AC/DC 13.24 Libra/Aries and MC/IC 15.22 Cancer/Capricorn. My nodes are North 11.06 Aries 6th house and South Libra 12th and Eris is 12.04 in Aries 6th house. The last thing that is even close is Pallas at 17.34 Libra in 1st house.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  10. KC

    thx Dave

    Yes, my moon is 1 degree Libra, might I remind you of this time period falls between the two eclipses, one before, April 15 total Lunar, and one after, April 29 annular Solar, my moon life is going to explode! lol

    a change of status in life?, yes, I have been looking for this for many years, I guess it could be good or bad.
    since what we are all experiencing hasn’t been for many lifetimes, this planetary alignment is all new, we have never seen this before.

    no other grand cross has been this close to my natal chart, add the fact the powerful eclipses are on either side of the cross and my Libra moon affected (Mars in Libra I think will be retrograde during this period), I don’t know what to make of this, not sure if I should be worried or happy that a status change is coming, I just hope its a positive one.

    this combo could be scary with Mars, the action and war planet maybe crossing my Libra moon in retro during this period

  11. KC

    oh, and I have the Pluto-Uranus-Mars conjunct in Virgo, Mars will retrograde into Virgo in getting close to my conjunct planets, then turn direct again crossing over my 1 degree Libra moon twice, once retro, once direct! I don’t know whats coming

    1. admin


      Thank you so much for sharing the above. Astrology is very good at telling us when, the harder part is to determine what and how. To best project into the future we have to looks at the trajectory of the recent past and the present as they are all one line.

      I just wrote about how this played out in the life of Angelina Jolie here, with her hard hitting Pluto-Uranus conjunction moving through her horoscope. She goes through a radical transformation on all levels (radical surgery, career changes, humanitarianism) and we can project that through to a good night at the Oscars in 2015!.

      You are right that this is an unpredictable time that has much explosive potential in lots of ways. It does not have to be all bad though. Jupiter and Pluto contacts provide opportunity and power to make something happen, Uranus and Mars give us breakthroughs and new ways of doing things.

      Imagine all the new babies born on April 22nd…. They will have this chart their entire lives and will live and grow into very interesting people (with many transit opportunities :)

  12. Tom

    Can you give me a little insight into a solar return on April 26 2013 where
    Jupiter 14 Cancer in first
    Mars 12 R Libra in fifth
    Pluto 13 R Capricorn 7th
    Uranus 13 Aries 11th
    My address is 1313 too.
    I just found out about this 2014 Grand Square. Is there some insight you can give as to the solar return here. Thank you.

  13. Tom

    Also with reference to the above, I have relocated to Dewey, AZ …and all of this moves back into the 12th house accordingly.

  14. Ellen Gold

    My chart has 15 cancer rising, with Venus 15 degrees cancer, mercury at 17 cancer in the first house, and Neptune at 8 degrees libra in the fourth house. What do you see on store? Oh yes, the moon is 12 Virgo in the 3rd house. Thank you .

  15. Nina

    I have a grand cross plus a t-square, the latter falling on the cardinal cross with my sun ruler Venus (house 11) conjunct Uranus, my Mars-conjunct-Ascendant (house 1) conjunct Jupiter and my Pluto (house 5) conjunct Mars. I do feel really skittish… Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

  16. Susie

    Gemini with ascendant at 13 Capricorn 13 with a Saturn and vesta conjunction at 17 Cap 07 and Neptune conjunction 07 Scorpion 03 with my mid heaven although weak to the cross at 9 Scorpio 16.

    Something big this way comes.

  17. Jason

    Yeah so..
    Libra ascendant- 9 degrees
    Scorpio sun- 00 degree’s in the first house
    Moon-22 degrees Virgo
    Mercury- 19 degrees libra
    Jupiter- 22 degrees libra
    Saturn- 15 degrees libra
    Pluto- 24 degrees libra

    I’m running for the hills. End of story lol

  18. GC

    Very interesting article, I’ll be on the lookout for your article in progress about how this grand cross will affect us on an individual level. Like a few others that have commented, this grand cross will also fall on my asc/dc, ic/mc. My libra asc at 12 degrees and cap ic at 14 degrees.
    I also will be having saturn squaring my venus/mars conjunction with venus being the ruler of my 8th and 1st. :/
    Do you think there will be death or prison involved?

  19. Andy

    I thought I might as well chime in, so many people seem to be affected as well as myself, I have a grand cardinal cross involving 6 planets- Uranus @15 Cancer 2nd hse- Saturn Neptune conjunct in Libra in the 5th 21 and 22 degrees, Capricorn moon in the 6th 17 degrees, and Mercury and Venus in Aries in the 11th 21 and 14 degrees respectively. I’ve been so scattered my whole life but also very quiet due to my 12th house Sun, Mars and Jupiter. I only hope I don’t go right around the bend….LOL

  20. Julia

    I am counting on this period as a massive revelation for the planet, Cardinal this is the planetary big wigs stating their powers, I feel this is aimed at the little dictators of earth, some how are going to get unceremoniously revealed.

    I am 50 on the 20th April, I have been very effected by the eclipse sequences for several years, the lunar eclipse on the 15th reveals the deep feminine teaching through the intuition the black Madonna speaks to each listening to their hearts.
    There is something life changing to be revealed.
    I feel this is an opportunity to work with planetary energies directly, by using natal placements to balance the cardinal cross aspects we can have our say in the changes coming.

  21. ScaredCrab

    I am terrified about this transit. The Cardinal Grand Cross will be conjunct (and thus oppose and square) many of my placements!

    Relevant placements:
    Sun (Cancer) – 13 deg – 9th House
    N.Node (Cancer) – 13 deg
    S.Node (Capricorn)
    Mars (Libra) – 13 deg – 12th House
    Saturn (Libra) – 14 deg

    The ruler of my 9th House is Gemini and the ruler of my 12th House is Virgo. Mercury is located in my 8th house, which is also ruled by Gemini.

    Pluto (24 deg) and Jupiter (0 deg Scorpio) also sit in my 12th House so you can imagine how difficult my life has been so far.

    Is it about to get worse?

  22. Panos

    sun Cancer 28.34 Ascendant Aries 5.43
    Moon Gemini 14.46 II Taurus 15.29
    Mercury Cancer 9.22 III Gemini 11.35
    Venus Cancer 19.40 IV Cancer 3.02
    Mars Leo 9.41 V Cancer 24.57
    Jupiter Aries 28.23 VI Leo 22.51
    Saturn Sagittarius 15.10 R VII Libra 5.43
    Uranus Sagittarius 23.24 R VIII Scorpio 15.29
    Neptune Capricorn 6.02 R IX Sagittarius 11.35
    Pluto Scorpio 7.10 Midheaven Capricorn 3.02
    Lilith Cancer 26.51 XI Capricorn 24.57
    Asc node Aries 4.42 XII Aquarius 22.51

    David I above my natal chart I know it is too much to ask for but I am in abig crossroad in my life right know and this Grand Cross is coming up .Do you see anything big coming up?
    thank you in advance

  23. Renee

    Hello David: Very nice to meet you.
    My AC is Libra 12.24
    DC is Aries 12.24
    IC is Cap 14.24
    MC is Can 14.24
    Mercury at 10.59 Cap in my 3rd house is the closest natal planet that I see to this Cardinal Grand Cross.
    May I ask what you see? Thank you so much.

  24. Michelle

    Very interesting article. Thank you! Trying not to be scared, and approach this from a centered place. My moon is 4 degrees Cancer in the 7th house, so Uranus and Pluto have already made exact hits to it. My IC is 10 degrees Aries and Midheaven is 10 degrees Libra, but because I have interceptions in my 1st and 7th houses my Ascendant/Descendant axis isn’t being affected as much (Ascendant is 23 degrees Sagittarius). So, I’m expecting I will have changes in terms of my career. We are also getting ready to embark on a major house remodel (really, we are rebuilding our house) and will have to move out for most of the year. So I guess that is Uranus crossing the 4th house cusp.

    1. admin

      Thank you for sharing. How did the transits of Uranus and Pluto manifest in your life?

  25. Kamila

    Hi there,

    My birthdate is Oct 11, 1983. I have a big dilemma of whether or not to go a long watied trip with my kids (birthdates March 13, 2011 and June 6, 2013). The reason for hesitating is that there is a risk of some immigration problems that might result in getting stuck at the destination of our trip. The trip is scheduled for Mar 11 – May 17, 2014. Can you give me any guidance??

    Thanks a lot for your help!


  26. Kamila

    I have endured a lot of stress and change between Nov 2012-June 2013 inclusively. I have been slowly (very slowly) adjusting and recovering from that. The success of the coming trip a lot depends on luck, does this cross mean a bad luck ??

    Thanks again!


  27. admin

    Hi Kamila,

    You were experiencing your Saturn return during that time frame… your first complete cycle of Saturn around your horoscope. It is often a great time of change and maturity.

    I don’t see any significant contact to personal planets or otherwise from the cardinal planets. Since you do not know your birth time it is harder to look deeper than that.


  28. JLM

    I hope you will elaborate on political shifts, possibilites and trends. I am sick and tired of reading other *astrologers* who deem it necessary to interject their always very extreme left leaning beliefs and condescending nasty remarks usually aimed at anyone who is even a teeny bit more conservative minded than they are…..and in reality it takes very little conservatism to be seen by those ppl as extreme right wing. It makes it difficult to learn the astrology via the aspects/trends, nature of the planets etc involved.

    I have taken mine & my spouse’s natal and progressed charts and added the transits for the April 22 date. It is almost scary how they seem to intersect on many levels to tell a story, but exactly what that story is, I cannot say. It is helpful to be the amateur astrologer that sees it as a helping tool for life in general when the writings are more straight forward as yours tend to be.

    I am very anxious & hopeful to see how you see the Grand Cross affecting the USA charts….natal…progressed… solar return for the next year????? Personally, I am very worried for the country, but the whole world has gotten smaller and smaller and in a tremendous amount of upheaval.

    1. admin

      Thanks for you comment JLM,

      All points of view are welcome! Our problems nationally and globally transcend any political point of view, although certainly the way we have handled our affairs as a nation since the last time Uranus and Pluto met is central to the theme.

      You are right that the whole world has gotten smaller and this is something all of us are going through collectively, but experiencing in different ways.

      Whenever the big planets have been in cross or square in the cardinal signs economic upset and a new order has come into play.

      Uranus fractures (or liberates)
      Pluto controls (or transforms)
      Jupiter goes to extremes (or gives opportunities)
      Mars confronts (or energizes)

      We see it happening on many levels.

      We see it in the Ukraine where geographical borders are re-aligning along cultural boundaries. Or in the US where state law and federal law are out of sync around issues such as drug policy. Wherever the “fault lines” are is where this change will manifest.

      The biggest trend that affects us all from an individual to global level is the decline of the dollar, and the reset that emerges from it. The big question is does it go “pop” all at once or gradually decline. Many of the global conflicts that we have been seeing are in an effort to maintain the status quo.

      The Pluto-Uranus square and resulting Grand Cardinal Cross are very much like the thread that gets pulled and unravels the whole garment. Fast or slow, kaboom or slow hiss, it is hard to say but it is here upon us.

  29. Diane

    Hi David,
    My Asc/Dec is Cancer 15 with Neptune in Libra 4th at 14 degrees.
    Neptune rules my 9/10th, Pluto my intercepted 5th, and Uranus my 8th hse.
    Can you shed light on possible effects? Thank you

  30. Ann

    Hi David,
    So happy to have found your site! One astrologer I read online believes that the Democrats will retake the House in November, along with Senate and Obama will regain the trust of the People – Very upbeat (for those who would favor that change.) But having said that, I think the very negative corporate control of our government may be reined in somewhat? Thanks for your comment re this.

  31. JLM

    Thx for the response. I look forward to readling/learning more from your astrological insights

  32. soossy

    Hi, I have sun in Cancer 21 degrees, moon in Aries 24 degrees, and ascendent in Libra 17 degrees. Please tell me how the grand cross will affect me!!

    Thank you!

  33. Tara Ashtakala

    Hello, thank you for providing this fascinating analysis. In my own chart, I notice that the True Node falls exactly on 13 degrees of Aries, right in the middle of the 3rd house. May I ask you if this has any relevance for me at the time of the Grand Cross of April?
    Sincere thanks,

  34. Angela

    Hi Dave,
    thanks for helping us,
    I’m really excited & a big nervous too.
    Natal chart July 6 1965 @ 5.12am Brisbane Australia
    Sun 13 deg in Cancer – 1st House
    Moon 13 deg in Libra – 4th house
    North Node 12 deg – 12th house
    Uranus – 11 deg Virgo – 3rd House
    Pluto – 14 deg Virgo – 3rd House

  35. sara

    Mars 13* capricorn in 2nd house
    Sun 18* libra in 10th house
    Uranus 5* libra in 10 th house
    Jupiter 13* libra in 10 th house
    Saturn 5* taurus
    Moon 1* scorpio and i am really scared for april.
    If you can help me I am really appreciated


  36. rainbow

    Hi Dave!

    Thanks for all the information. I’ve been watching my chart for the last couple years trying to figure out what the heck is gonna happen, and now I see that I think this grand cross is going to have a big affect on me. Pluto is just approaching my descendant, Uranus is conjunct my jupiter in the 10th house, Jupiter is conjunct my ascendant and conjunct my moon, saturn is in my 5th house. I have my ascendant, venus 7deg, saturn13deg, moon in cancer15deg… jupiter in aries, oh also neptune is transiting my 9th house trine venus in my 12th…. There’s just so much happening right now, it’s really interesting.
    thanks for your blog!

  37. Donna Lee


    Amen to every point of view you’ve espoused and every comment I’ve read here! I am trying not to be terrified, but it’s difficult. My Ascendant/Descendant axes are Cardinal with the Aries Point (0 degrees Aries on my Midheaven with my Sun and Dark Moon Lilith conjunct, both of the latter in 5 degrees of Aries and 0 Libra on my Nadir cusp).

    I’ve been through one transit of Saturn in Scorpio in my life before 30 years ago, but this one’s been the absolute best and worst Saturn transit that I can recall! When Saturn transited my 12th and 1st house, it really was a breeze! I suffered no ill effects that I can recall then and my memory is like a tombstone both for positive and negative happenings.

    I spent a year of bliss between November 2012 and December 2013 with a man like none I’ve ever known besides my father and uncles who cared for me in my formative years. That ended disastrously and almost gave me a literal heart attack, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything! As you can see from the above, Saturn is transiting my 5th house of Romance and at the beginning of this time was conjuncting my Neptune. I didn’t want to believe that what I was experiencing was real, not to mention that the man is almost 30 years younger than me! In spite of how it ended, I believe I will love him forever.

    Batten down the hatches, everyone, as the saying is. Things are thorny and I have very little clue what to expect with this transit! The people around me are behaving just insanely, including doctors, lawyers, celebrities, yes, I’m in touch with them all (!) and very few or none are amenable to reason. The more wrong they feel they are, the more they dig in their heels, although in a strange way, the more I reveal the truth of what I know to be right and wrong,, and take a principled and calmer stand, the more things seem to be having a better more peaceful resolution. Maybe that’s what’s called for: extreme calm.

    May the saints and all the protective powers everywhere in the Universe come together to continue to protect and preserve us at this difficult time! Blessed be!

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  39. Wendy

    Hi, My natal chart has my Sun 13 deg in Leo, Moon 28 deg Aries, Mars 9 deg Taurus, Mercury 7 deg Virgo, Uranus 12 deg Leo, Jupiter 25 deg Libra, Saturn 19 deg Sag. My life has literally been stripped away, will this Cardinal Cross help me rebuild?

  40. jill joiner

    As the grand cross approaches, I’m beginning to worry. I’m a Cancerian, 24 degrees in tenth house. My MC is 7 degrees Cancer. Libra rising 5 degrees. Aries descendent, Capricorn IC with Pluto about to conjunct by transit. I have particularly noticed the Pluto transit of my fourth house over past years as it goes back and forth, and also the Uranus transit of my seventh house.

    Transiting Uranus is also opposing my Neptune in first. Pluto is square Neptune and opposing Mercury by transit. It seems big stuff to me and I’m finding it a bit exhausting. If you can offer any comments I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  41. Val

    The Grand Cross is affecting my natal Moon in Cancer at 13 degrees (in 9th house), and my natal Mercury in Capricorn at 14 degrees (in 3rd house). Also, the solar eclipse on April 29th will fall on my descendant at 9 degrees Taurus. I live alone in Canada where I immigrated 15 years ago. I wonder if this situation may suddenly change somehow?

  42. Chris

    The events in Nevada regarding the Bundy family and the push for E.T. disclosure leads me to believe we will experience some drastic changes. I believe your predictions are spot on David.

    1. admin

      You offer a great example with the Nevada situation. That is the process unfolding… also the drug laws in Colorado and Washington. You have federal law vs. state law in total opposition (and interestingly federal law yielding to state law).

      We will see how far E.T. disclosure goes.. I think it would take another version of Edward Snowden to bring that one fully to light.



  43. Stephanie

    My ascendent/descendant is Cancer/Capricorn
    Midheaven is Aries
    Venus is in Aries
    Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn

    From what ive learned the Grand Cross that is approaching falls on the same
    4 point axis? If im wronge please correct me, but if this is so can you please tell me whst this will mean for me?
    I was born on February 26th 1991

  44. Zia

    My natal Mercury is 13 deg Capricorn in the first house. (also, Cap Rising) How do you think the Cross might impact me (my communication space). ?

    Thank you. :)

  45. grace

    Love you 11 11 1960 born phoenix az st joeshps hosp 5 10 in evening grace b williams help

  46. atir

    Please help me out asc 14leo sun p 16Aries in 9th house Uranus 11cancer in 12 th house Venus plus chiron 8capricorn in 6th house Saturn 12 libra in 3rd house Is it going to be bad for me I have been praying to get a house for my sons will it happen

  47. Mujo

    Hi. I been reading some of your stuff past six months its is interested thanks for sharing and repealing back and its good and it’s good that you’re not sharing our personal emails with others. So what’s up with me anything going on is it smooth and quiet 4.22.1981 10:30am and also place of birth is it any important for zodiac

  48. Susan


    I am a 6 degree Libra with a 27 degrees Aries moon and 26 degrees Capricorn rising….How is this Cardinal Cross effecting me this year? I was told I have my Saturn return on this years bday….Sept 29th.

    1. admin

      Hello Susan,

      Based on what you have given me the Saturn return is what will have the most profound impact on you at this point in time. Pay attention to the house that Saturn occupies and the house it rules for an indication of how it will manifest in your life.


  49. Lilah

    Hi David,
    What a fantastic explanation of the Grand Cardinal Cross. I have been trying to learn as much as I can but there is so much to know I find it difficult to determine if and how the Grand Cardinal Cross will affect me. Can you help me understand what is happening or trying to happen? I have the following :
    Sun 14 degrees Virgo in 8th House
    Uranus 12 degrees Libra in 9th House
    Mars 11 degrees Aquarius in 1st House
    Chrion 12 degrees Aries in 3rd House
    My Ascendant is 2 degrees Capricorn if that helps – Pluto has been in my first house for a few years.
    Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I feel like change can happen but also feel that I am sabotaging myself and preventing any changes from taking place.
    Thanks so much,

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